ayurvedic medicine for piles

Relief from Piles and Fissures

HerboPile Pills (previously Arshari) (30 pills x 2 bottles)

270 300

Relief from Piles and Fissures

Use: HerboPile Pills provide an Ayurvedic solution for ailement of piles and fissures

Ingredients: Lembodi, Bakayanfal, Harda Chal, Rasvanti, Alio, Nag Kesar & Gandh Na Bij.

Dosage: One pill three times a day for all between the age 15-70 years. Half dosage for 10-15 years.

Note: We recommend consultation with an Ayurvedic physician on the dosage of medicine as it is dependent on the patient. To consult our in-house doctor please call us at +912223541186/8, Whatsapp us on +919820291850 or email us at care@drvaidyas.com. Product results may vary from person to person.

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