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Controls Diabetes

Diabex Pills (30 pills x 2 bottles)

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Controls Diabetes

Use: Diabex helps to control increasing blood sugar levels that stimulates the beta cells of the Langerhans of Pancreas to secrete normal insulin.

Ingredients: Nai ghan, Kadu ghan, Methi ghan, Kankcha, Neem seeds ghan, Jyesthimadhu ghan & more…

Dosage: Severe cases – 2 pills two three a day, Moderate cases – 2 pills two times a day, Borderline Cases – 1 pill three times a day

Note: We recommend consultation with an Ayurvedic physician on the dosage of medicine as it is dependent on the patient. To consult our in-house doctor please call us at +912223541186/8, Whatsapp us on +919820291850 or email us at care@drvaidyas.com. Product results may vary from person to person.

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