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Ayurvedic Home Health Pack

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Contents: HERBOfit (30 capsules), Herbodanty (50g), Herbokof Syrup (100ml), Khasi Go (50 pills), Kabaj Churna (50g), HerboKold (50g), Rumox (50g)

Use: Dr. Vaidya's Home Pack combines our immunity and energy booster, HERBOfit with Herbokold – very effective in treating a cold & cough. Rumox balm – effective in treating swelling and muscular and arthritic pain. Herbodanty, a fluoride-free tooth powder for healthier and whiter teeth. Kabaj Churna for relief from habitual constipation and hyperacidity caused by constipation. The pack has been designed to last for 1 month and combines short term relief and long-term relief against a cold and cough


HERBOfit: One capsule daily after breakfast or with a glass of milk. Suitable for all above the age of 10 years. 

Herbodanty:  Daily while brushing.

Kabaj Churna: ½ - 2 teaspoons at bed time for all above the age of 10 years.

Herbokold Powder: One measure (4g) of powder with honey three times a day for adults. For all between age 10-15 years and above 70 years, half measure (2g) three times a day with honey or milk.

Rumox: To be rubbed gently on affected area once or twice a day or as and when necessary. For External Use Only 

Note: We recommend consultation with an Ayurvedic physician on the dosage of medicine as it is dependent on the patient. To consult our in-house doctor please call us at +912223541186/8, Whatsapp us on +919820291850 or email us at care@drvaidyas.comProduct results may vary from person to person.

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