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Hangover Shield and Liver Protector

LIVitup! Party Pack

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LIVitup! is an Ayurvedic hangover medicine that doubles up as a long term liver protector. It is an age old formulation traditionally used as a long-term liver protector for alcohol and gutkha addiction with a refreshed brand for young consumers. When a LIVitup! hangover tablet is consumed; it reduces alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde. This prevents the hangover in the short term and liver cirrhosis in the longer term. LIVitup! is a natural and safe ayurvedic hangover cure pill with no side effects. We think it's the best hangover treatment for modern times. Why don't you give us your verdict?

The party pack contains 10 packets 0f 5 capsules each. The pack is a dispenser which is convenient to use. This ensures you will always be stocked up on LIVitup! 


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