Senior Citizen Pack

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Senior Citizen Pack

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Contents: Herbodanty (50g), Herbo Cool (200ml), Rumox (50g), Nirgundi oil (100ml), HERBOfit (30 capsules), Gasoherb (30 pills), Kabaj pills (30 pills)

 Use: Growing old is not in our hands but growing healthy is. Senior citizens need special attention to their special need and Ayurveda can help with this. Herbodanty helps keep strong and white teeth to enjoy all kinds of food items when one’s teeth tend to get weaker. Herbocool Hair Tonic helps keep dandruff free hair and healthy scalp. Rumox pain balm helps one deal with body pains and head ache. Nirgundi Health Guard massaged daily helps keep one’s muscles supple. HERBOfit maintains daily immunity naturally with the 21 active ingredients of Chyawanprash. Gasoherb reduces the after eating i.e. indigestion abdominal gas, discomfort, bloating and belching. Kabaj Churna is useful for suffering from habitual constipation. Overall, this pack helps keep one’s body healthy even with the effects of aging. 

Note: We recommend consultation with an Ayurvedic physician on the dosage of medicine as it is dependent on the patient. To consult our in-house doctor please call us at +912223541186/8, Whatsapp us on +919820291850 or email us at Product results may vary from person to person.

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