Our Founder

Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya

Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya
(1935 - 2013)

Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya was one of India's leading Ayurvedic physicians. Being a staunch advocate of Ayurvedic Herbal products and medicines, he represented Ayurveda and Indian science at numerous global conferences. In keeping with his commitment to Ayurveda, he had treated more than 300 patients a day and consulted more than 9000 patients across India and 3000 patients across the UK and Germany via post.

Dr. Vaidya touched the lives of thousands of patrons through his Ayurvedic expertise and medicines and garnered a legendary reputation amongst his patients. He was devoted to their wellbeing and thus, never charged a Consulting Fee to his patients.

At Dr. Vaidya's, we endeavour to carry forward his legacy of serving our patients with the same passion through our chain of physical and online ayurvedic medical stores in Mumbai.

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